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Morrissey Ringleader of the Tormentors Mini LP CD + DVD Japan Limited SEALED

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Wonderful Item! Brand New and Factory sealed! This is the Japanese limited edition with a bonus DVD. It comes with an Obi, a mini poster,2 booklets with lyrics, one in English and the other in Japanese and 2 sleeves for each disc, a clear plastic one and a regular colored one.

Definitely a Collector’s item in great price!

This item is sealed and that’s why the picture looks like that!


Disc: 1

1. I Will See You in Far off Places
2. Dear God Please Help Me
3. You Have Killed Me
4. Youngest Was the Most Loved
5. In the Future When All’s Well
6. Father Who Must Be Killed
7. Life Is a Pigsty
8. I’ll Never Be Anybody’s Hero Now
9. On the Streets I Ran
10. To Me You Are a Work of Art
11. I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
12. At Last I Am Born

Disc: 2

1. You Have Killed Me – Music Video (DVD)
2. You Have Killed Me – making of the video feature  (DVD)
3. In The Future When All’s Well – making of the video feature  (DVD)


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